Envision Internet Consulting

We develop effective websites and applications for a broad range of business needs. We craft informational websites, integrate online shopping capabilities, create mobile apps, and architect custom web applications that meet unique requirements.

What makes an application or website effective? An effective application or website accomplishes strategic goals established by the client in a manner that emphasizes the user experience. We create effective applications and websites by employing user-centered design principles to accomplish client-focused strategy.

Client-Focused Strategy

Every client we work with is unique. We establish effective project strategy by working carefully to understand the context.

  • Audience

    Who are the users we trying to reach? What are their needs? What do they value?

  • Purpose

    What outcomes do we hope achieve? How do these outcomes benefit the business?

  • Resources

    What is the required timeline? How much is budgeted for this work? How does this work get maintained and improved?

User-Centered Design

The essence of design is communication. We create effective designs by prioritizing the user to ensure effective communication.

  • Test

    Test with live users early and often in all phases to observe real interaction.

  • Improve

    Embrace opportunities to throw work away (even hard work you were proud of) in light of new insights.

  • Follow

    Incorporate good conventions, as they facilitate the initial stages of communication with your users.