About Us

Meet The Team

  • Portrait of Adam
    This little guy still loves food.

    Adam Richardson

    Adam Richardson is the managing member of Envision Internet Consulting. Adam graduated from Michigan State University with a B.S. in Psychology and worked as a youth counselor for a few years before starting graduate school at Central Michigan University to study Experimental Psychology.

    While in graduate school, Adam moonlighted as a developer for Davin Granroth, the founding member of Envision Internet Consulting. Eventually, the lure of the technology field proved too great, and Adam stopped work on his thesis to begin working full time with Davin at Envision Internet Consulting.

Honorary Executive Team

  • Portrait of Sarah
    Sarah focuses on growing the company.

    Sarah, CEO

    No one has a more persistence than Sarah. Having over three years of experience leading the way, she's focused on growing the company to its full potential.

    Sarah provides clear, focused direction, and she isn't afraid to push hard enough to get things rolling.

  • Portrait of Julia
    Julia studies cost-savings.

    Julia, CFO

    With an eye towards fiscal prudence from childhood, Julia guides all aspects of financial strategies with patience and wisdom.

    Even tiny details rarely elude Julia, and she constantly works to make sure every company resource is fully maximized.

  • Portrait of Brianna
    Brianna listens to individual needs.

    Brianna, CMO

    Having a keen, creative eye and and a gift for listening, Brianna helps us reach our audience.

    Brianna embraces opportunities to network with our customers, and she eagerly coordinates our outreach activities.

Company History

  1. September 2002

    Envision Internet Consulting, LLC, was founded in Lansing, Michigan by Davin Granroth.

  2. January 2004

    Adam Richardson joins Envision Internet Consulting as a partner.

  3. January 2006

    Adam Richardson takes over Envision Internet Consulting.

    Good luck at MSU, Davin :)

    (2008) Good luck at Covenant Eyes as a web developer, Davin :)

    (2009) Enjoy your work as a UX Lead, Davin :)

    (2010) Moving on up to UX Manager, Davin :)

    (2014) Ummm… you realize you'll have to do something magnificent to merit another update now that you've become COO, right, Davin?

  4. May 2011

    There are now not one, not two, but three Richardson girls who are competing for attention with the business, and this work-from-home dad is siding with the girls.

  5. August 2014

    As the girls age and become more capable technologists, Envision Internet Consulting is seeing a resurgence, especially in the mobile application domain.