Writing Archives

These writings date back to 2005 and earlier. Although the context has changed, these writings, authored by Davin Granroth, still remain beneficial and valid.

Are Your Designs Backfiring?

When designers rely solely on their own instincts, their designs can end up backfiring, especially on the web.

Understanding Web Site Traffic Reports

By learning the meanings of a few words like hit and visit, these reports can become much more useful and easy to understand.

Is Your Web Plan Missing an Audience Chart?

A web plan must identify key audiences and their needs. Without this information, the plan will surely miss the mark.

Thinking Critically About Home Pages

Home pages are key in achieving site objectives. However, they are also some of the most misunderstood spots on the web.

How to Make Printer-Friendly Web Pages

Making sure desktop printers handle your web site well is an often neglected aspect of building a great user-experience.

Is a Site-Wide Search Tool Right for Your Site?

It is often easy to build a search engine into your site, but the problem arises when your site isn't ready for one.

Getting Noticed on the Web – A Case for Good Content

What motivates your site visitors, other content producers, and search engines to refer to you in the first place?

User-Experience Is the Key to Great Web Sites

User experience considers presentation, organization, and interaction, and how each adds to the overall quality of the site.

Edit for Scannability

Web users put off reading for as long as they can. Instead, they scan. So, our web text must be edited for scanning, not reading.